I truly enjoy seeing the end result of time spent in a place with stunning landscape scenery, or quirky unique surroundings. Every city has a gorgeous backdrop to offer. I have assembled some ideas here in my home base of Hawaii, but am always up for a shoot in places far away.

Having my own elopement photos taken in Iceland, a place that I had never visited before, I understand that you will have many questions. I am happy to provide extensive details about each location and refer you to other reliable services to help make your time here stress free.

Using my home base of Hawaii as an example, there are many beautiful spots, some will be a simple walk along the beach to a secluded area, while others will entail a pretty intense hike up a steep mountain. I will outline all the details so you can decide what the right fit for you will be.

Hawaii is the perfect place for a surprise engagement, an elopement or simply photos to document your sweet memories in this magical tropical oasis. Sandy beaches, rough lava rock, lush green jungle, blue ocean, stunning mountains, steep cliffs, coconut palm trees, crashing waves - Hawaii has it all and I know the best spots for amazing pictures.

I also travel to your destination of choice.
Contact me to discuss the details and I will be happy to capture you and your loved ones all over the world.

Having lived in Europe and Asia for some time, I understand that people have varying taste and interests, so please do not hesitate to ask me for recommendations.

I look forward to taking stellar images of you in your favorite location!